Those who attend St. Barnabas Chapel have a shared ministry relationship with Christ Church Clarksburg.  They support all 

outreach projects, serve on the vestry, teach Christian education classes at Christ Church Clarksburg, publish the Good News Weekly newsletter, and maintain the websites for both St. Barnabas Chapel and Christ Church Clarksburg.


In this shared ministry relationship, the Christ Church Jr. Warden also oversees the building and grounds at St. Barnabas Chapel.   Many of those who attend St. Barnabas Chapel give of their time and talents by trimming bushes, pulling weeds, removing leaves, planting flowers, and cleaning.  


One of our own, Tom Durrett, has given of his time and talents to design, make, and instal beautiful stained glass windows in St. Barnabas Chapel.  Cost of the materials for the windows is covered by those who are giving the windows, but Tom is giving freely of his time and talents to complete 17 windows.


Since the beginning of Shepherds Corner over 25 years ago, the people of St. Barnabas have  supported it.  It is a distribution center for food, clothing, and household supplies for those who are in need.   Everything is donated and given away free of charge to the recipients.  It was established and has been successfully maintained through the joint efforts of the churches of Bridgeport.  




. . . knowing,


               and sharing

                       the Good News of Jesus Christ