St. Barnabas Episcopal Chapel

721 Hall Street

Bridgeport, WV

This Week at St. Barnabas Chapel​

of Christ Episcopal Church Clarksburg

in Bridgeport, West Virginia

4th Sunday of Pentecost 

June 20, 2021

Service Times

Outdoor Morning Prayer

at 10:00 a.m.

in the Courtyard

at Christ Episcopal Church

6th and Main Streets

Clarksburg, WV

Outdoor Evening Prayer

at 5:30 p.m.

at St. Barnabas Chapel

721 Hall Street

Bridgeport, WV


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Christ Episcopal Church, Clarksburg

and St. Barnabas Chapel, Bridgeport

Guidelines for In-person Services

Revised Covid Guidelines from the Diocese of West Virginia

     On May 28 we received a link to a pastoral letter from Bishop Klusmeyer which is posted on the WV Diocesan website. You can read it at 2021-May-CovidGuidelines-revised.pdf (   The letter is followed by these revised guidelines from Bishop Klusmeyer. 



26 May 2021

  1. Parishes and Vestries no longer need to seek permission from my office to re-open.  Based on the guidelines and protocols below, I trust the clergy and people to make wise, informed and healthy decisions for all.

  2. The distribution of Holy Eucharist is to remain in 'One Kind.'  The use of the Common Cup is still not permitted.  Common bread loaves are also to be avoided.  The use of the 'host' is expected.

  3. Outdoor services, coffee hours and meetings are always safer than indoors.



  1. The limits to restrictions on the number of people permitted to gather outdoors is lifted.

  2. Social distancing is still expected.

  3. Masks are expected for those who are either too young to be vaccinated, or for those who have not been vaccinated.

  4. Singing is permitted, distanced from one another.

  5. Coffee hours are permitted, however the food should be served by a designated host, rather than put out in buffet style.

  6. Prayer Books and Hymnals may be used.



  1. Masks are still expected, given that there will be unvaccinated persons, and others who are too young to be vaccinated, or unable.

  2. The numbers of people permitted has been changed.  The maximum number of people permitted is the number that can comfortably sit in the space, while remaining socially distant.  (6' apart, and every other pew) 

  3. Singing by the congregation is permitted, while masked!

           a.  Readers who are fully vaccinated and separated from the body of the nave may                    remove their mask while reading.

           b.  Preachers who are fully vaccinated and are distanced from the parishioners may                  remove their mask.

           c.  Persons leading the intercessions who are fully vaccinated and distanced from                      parishioners may remove their mask while leading prayers.

  4.  Choirs may return.  However, all must wear masks, and be socially distant.  I believe it         is appropriate to require all choristers to be fully vaccinated.

  5.  Eucharist is to be administered in one kind only.

  6.  Still, no physical passing of the Peace.

  7.  Coffee hour may return, but with masks, and the food must be served by a host.  No           buffet style receptions at Coffee Hour.



How Does This Affect Us at Christ Church

and St. Barnabas Chapel?

          We will be following these guidelines, but we will also be monitoring local conditions. For now, you need to  

  1. Keep making those reservations.

  2. Watch you emails, the Good News Weekly, or this website for last minute changes.

  3. Remember the old saying, "It is better to be safe than sorry."

  4. Keep praying for better times and for healing of those suffering the effects of Covid.

The Rev. Nora Becker

Rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Clarksburg

and St. Barnabas Chapel in Bridgeport

To know, live, and share the Good News Story of Jesus Christ

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A group selfie

Joseph and Jesus
Joseph and Jesus


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